6 Reasons Why Employees Are Leaving Your Company

Employees are the backbone of your company. Managing them effectively requires leadership quality. Entrepreneurs ideally rely on their appointed managers and HRs. In a small company, this structure might work, but in the big organization where you have to deal with 100 employees at a time, you might not have enough time to interact with each of them personally. Indeed, it is not possible for busy entrepreneurs to look at the employee problems.

Employees leave a company when they are not feeling secure enough. For the most part, a person takes the decision to leave the company because of their direct reporting managers. The manager with strict rules might cause the problem in the management. It is alright to have certain regulation in the organization, but when it comes to handling human beings sometimes you have to be soft in dealing with them. No one is interested in dealing with the person whose personality portrays the “Hitler”.

Here are some of the acquainted reasons why an employee leaves their job.

1) The company is not well structured : Job Seekers are looking for a company where they can work comfortably. Organization with weak management structure might create a problem for the employees. Usually, in a small company, entrepreneurs expect their workers to multitask. Some employee may not entertain such working pattern. In addition to that, a company asks their employees to spend extra time in the company to complete the task without paying them for their overtime.

Generally, the best brains will not stay in such companies for a longer period of time. They will spend their 6 months in the organization to get the experience certificates only. After that, you will see them resigning from the post. Moreover, this kind of employees does not serve a notice period so it can create a big problem for the new recruiter. In certain situation, the training of the employee becomes a problem for the company.

2) Salary : As an entrepreneur, if you want to grow faster in the industry then you must hire the best candidates in the organization. You need to pay them a higher salary for convincing them to join your company, but the deal works well for company’s growth. Salary is the biggest concern for the employee. If a person is not well paid then he/she will leave your company.

The public limited companies only hire top notch employees. They understand the value of a highly skilled employee. To be successful in the industry is not an easy task. You need a better workforce to overcome the day to day challenges.

Salary of the employee should be above average if you are willing to hire the best employee. Nowadays it is very easy to search for jobs on portals like Aasaanjobs where you will get information about the industry salary of a particular skill.

If you pay a higher salary than what others are offering, chances are you will lineup more interview for the job. This gives the ability to filter the candidate on the basis of their work experience and take multiple interviews before selecting one. This is how you can setup your best team to generate more profit.

3) Reporting Manager : Study shows that most of the time employee leave only because of the direct reporting manager. The managers or leaders of the company should be well trained in managing the people. They should understand the human behavior. Becoming good manager requires additional training. The communication gap between manager and employee causes a breakdown in the organization. If the employees are not able to share their thought with the reporting managers then it is the big issue in the management. The employee must have freedom to share their views with the managers or even with the senior person. Rather forcing them to focus on the work, let them find the best solution to make the process faster. You can create this environment when employees are not afraid of the higher management authority.

Managers should treat their employee respectfully. Open discussion is another way to make your team comfortable for sharing their thoughts and ideas. Organization must have a training program, especially for the managers. As a result, people will feel more comfortable in the organization. It would be great if the boss itself have one monthly meeting with the team to discuss company’s growth.

4) Your hiring technique is wrong : More than 60% of the organizations face the similar situation. The person with top institute degree mentioned on the resume format doesn’t mean the person is capable of solving your problems. Before hiring anyone, understand the required qualification to fix the problem. Mention all the things on the paper to get the glimpse of the overall work that you are going to assign to your employee. It could be a technical task or the management task, you must have all the information written somewhere to comprehend the actual requirement.

You should have all the information about an employee’s job duties. Having little or no idea about the job responsibility will end up getting a wrong hire. It will waste your time as well as the career of the employee. Inform your HR to look into the requirement before calling a candidate for an interview. Hiring is a very important function of the organization, especially when your money is at stake.

5) Job security : A secure job is a sign of long-term return. People are always in search for the secure jobs. That’s the reason why government jobs, bank jobs, and public limited company jobs are in high demand in the market. Everyone want to work in the organization which provides the job security.

As entrepreneurs, if you want your employee to work comfortably, you must have a culture in the organization where people will feel secure. You must have long term vision about the company. Share your vision with everyone in your company. It is your job to make your employees feel secure. Tell them your future plan about the company. How you plan to grow in the competitive market and what you think about the company.

This kind of sharing will make the employee feel safe. They will trust you and follow your dream to become number one in the organization.

People leave your organization if they feel the company is not going to sustain for a longer period of time. They will judge you on the basis of the current environment in the company. Job security plays a big role to retain your employees.

6) Motivation : Nothing beats the motivation in the management. It may be an award, cash or verbal motivation. Whatever tool you use to motivate, each of them works better to transform positivity in the organization.

People leave the company if the motivation is lacking in the organization. The employee will not have the mindset that they are working for their own company. This slows down the progress of the company dramatically.

Conclusion: Whatever be the reason for leaving your company, you have to understand one thing – you are dealing with a human being. It is entrepreneur’s job to create a healthy culture in the organization.

Let us know why the employees are leaving your company.


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