Are we going to miss Google Pagerank?

The Pagerank is officially dead. Google hasn’t updated the page rank from last 2 to 3 years. Absence of page rank never created any problem for us while browsing the website. We are now used to with non using the page rank parameter to know the website value.

The person who doesn’t know the concept of page rank never bother to check before surfing the website. They trust the Google search result and that’s the ultimate parameter for them.

If the website is ranked high in the Google that means it is a high quality website. You do not need SEO Doctor to tell you that the website you have visited is not for you.

I think Google has taken the right decision.

Why someone bothers about page rank if the website has good quality content that answers your query. If you get what you want from the website then it’s a reputed website.

Although, there are several other tools that you can to check the worth of the website. Alexa is one of them.

pagerank is dead

Alexa is one of the best websites to see how the particular site is performing in the global web listing. It shows the ranking of that website compare to other millions of websites.

In SEO Industry, people are now using Alexa as the key tool to check the quality of the website. It is understood that if the site as good Alexa rank then it is doing something that others don’t.

The most famous websites like Google and Facebook has Alexa rank 1 and 2 respectively.

Additionally, the Alexa has been owned by Amazone lately, so the maintenance of the website is in good hand. You can trust the data provided by them.

It is clear that unavailability of the page rank parameter is not going to hurt the webmaster community.

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