Backlink building strategies of 2015 to ameliorate your search engine ranking

We are using link building strategies from many years. I remember when I first started doing backlink building for my technology forum in year 2007, I was doing it just for fun. I read about backlink online and decided to do it for my forum. That time I was not aware of the importance that it can create for my website. Later on I realize it is increasing my Google ranking and generating visitors on the forum. That time I got to know that it is very important in online marketing.

Today, Link Building is the practice of search engine optimization. If you want to rank high in the google then you must have quality linkback. Everyone is doing it so you have to do it for you website. You can’t ignore it. The only thing that has changed from 2007 to now is everyone knows how to build links. This is where the problem got started. Like all other marketing tactic, when everyone jumps into it. It becomes crowded. People start misusing it. Same thing happened with backlink building strategies. People started pulling all the available resource for SE Ranking. Because of the spam happening on the larger scale, Google left with no choice then banning such websites. They moved 360 degree spam filtering algorithm to detect such links and banned those websites. Millions of the websites were impacted by this change overnight. They were no clue how to handle this and got penalized permanently.

Google is very strict about spanning. Reverting those penalizing is not an easy task for webmasters. Everyone learned the lesson from the Google’s strict action. With all the crazy things going around I also got the time to do research on some SEO and link building things. I have noticed that Google is clear about what type of website they want to rank. It has to be according to the Google guidelines. The rules they have set for search engine optimization has to be followed by website owner, if they are willing to rank on Google. I have read the guidelines of webmaster thoroughly. To experience it, I tried that strategy for my two websites to see what type of result it will produce. The link building techniques shown below are tried and tested methods that I have experienced on my website.

Top 5 Link Building strategies that I always recommend to my customers are:

1] Social Profile Links: Links from social profile websites like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, pinterest etc. are the most important links that you should build first. Your website promotion must begin from this free instant links. Do not forget to create verified pages. It will give extra authority to your website.

2] Niche Backlink: There are various types of backlink that you can choose from. The niche backlinks are one of them. The difference between general backlink and niche backlinks are the relevancy.  You will see a sudden increase in ranking from niche backlink. It won’t happen with general backlink. General content link has some value, but not as much as the niche websites.

3] Social Bookmarking: Some people say, social bookmarking links are not worth of having for the website. I think it still has the value when it comes to spreading the word across the social platforms. You do not need to do in bulk. Select few high authority link sites e.g. reddit, Stumbleupon etc and publish your post regularly. I would suggest sharing your pages which have good content. The blog sharing is highly recommended. These websites drive visitors instantly. If the content is engaging then you might get sharing on other platforms as well by your readers.

4] Directories: This link building tactic is in buzz in recent days. Some webmaster stated you should avoid the directory listing. In my opinion directory listing is still beneficial. Choosing directory may be the critical part, but if you find the reputed directory, then don’t heisted to build backlink. Web directories are a great source of backlink.

5] Forum Links: I always feel forum link is misunderstood method of building links. I remember when forum link was in the buzz, people started posting thousands of content on these platforms by adding their website link in the signature. This is not the way you should build the links. The right way is, find the topic around your business online and see whether any post is ranking high in the search engine result. You have to share valuable content on that forum post and add website link back in the post without anchoring any keyword to it. Help people by saying that you can get the required service on your website.  Many forums may don’t accept the post, but the statistic shows that 10 out 4 posts get approved. I know it may sound very low success rate, but the 4 link that your website will get from that shared post will boost your SE Ranking overnight. Forum links are very powerful in all other SEO methods.

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The below graphic representation of Google ranking algorithm shows how google rank the website. What they see when they are analyzing your website. If you closely note each and every point you will notice that it is combine efforts. None of the thing stand on their own.

Components of Google’s Ranking Algorithm
(According to 72 SEO’s Surveyed for SEOmoz’s Biennial Search Ranking Factors)

components of google ranking algorithm

Whatever link building you do just have the update on recent Google algorithm. It is very important that you are following their each and every guidelines.


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