Business growth with employees

For many years businesses are following the one effective strategy to grow their business. Here I am going to talk about one of the strategy with you. If you are an entrepreneur then reading this article is worth for you.

Human resources management is one of the toughest jobs in management. You need to keep eye on each member working in your organization. To make this process simple we hire good managers who can take this responsibility. Many business owners follow the same management strategy. The one thing we always missed is that they all are humans and all of them work for money. If you are planning to build a billion dollar company then this step may not going to help you to achieve your goals.

Business growth with employees

Now you will think then what is the best way to manage employees?

If you closely review the big organizations who are dealing with billions dollars of market trade, they all are following one similar management techniques. They all work with their best core team. If you have finalized long term goal then you must know that you need best person who are directly connected with you. The employees who work with you as their own company. The sense of responsibility you feel for your company the same they must feel for your organization. Your basic aim should be finding such employees who will move you closer to your goal. Most of the entrepreneurs get fail to make this process work in reality. That’s the reason why those organizations get end up with a short term business source. Your business success is laid down under your employee’s success.

How to build Core business development team?

1] Sharing your goal with your employees:-

The most effective way of starting is sharing your goal with your employees. Let them know what you want to achieve. The sharing will directly communicate with your employees and they will get to know where your organization wants to reach. Everything must be crystal clear to everyone working in your organization so that they can connect them with your goal. The second step will be motivating your employees on each single movement you get. Your job is keeping them motivated every time and appreciates them for their hard work they did for your organization. It will help you to keep them active on their job.

2] Work with your Core team:-

Your business must have a core team who will handle all business affairs. The sales and product quality is the major part of any business, so first find out the best person for each department. Assign task to them and follow up on a daily basis. You must have expertise in each department to take responsibility of your business activities. The management expert who will be your manager of the company, sales expert, customer support expert, the other one is product expert who is directly dealing with product quality and finding the best product for your customers and last but not the list is marketing expert. This will be your core team for your business. You have to manage only top 5 – 6 people and the rest of the management will be taken care by them. Your all decision must be shared with them so that they get to know where your organization wants to reach. Managing 6 people will be more efficient than managing thousands of employees.

Business growth

The difficult part in managing Core team:-

The most problems occur with core team is they will be demanding. They will ask you for a higher salary. The second most common aspect is that they work with their own rules. You can’t expect them to agree on each point you have shared, because you are sitting on Chairman on position. They love to share their own opinion and work smartly. Some time they will debate with you on certain topics which are not making them comfortable. These types of quality make them different from others. You can find such kind of people in your organization who are active and smart enough to take responsibility. By managing your core team effectively will make you a successful leader of your organization. You have to engrave one thing in the heart of your core team which is “The organization’s success is your success”. No one in the world who had become rich by working alone. There is always a team of expert who had helps them to make their dream in reality.

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