Elon Musk’s Excited On Tesla Gigafactory Launch

After so many controversies and delays in the development of the Gigafactory in Nevada which will mass produce  the car batteries, Elon musk, the Cofounder of Tesla finally launched the factory last week.

The cost of the factory is estimated $5 billion. It is one of the largest man made infrastructure built by any privately held company. The Panasonic and Toyota are heavily investing in the company to complete the production on time.

Tesla’s Gigafactory is going to help mass produce the electric cars for general car buyers. Elon musk stated that it will reduce the price of the car by 30%

The factory is made with the advanced technology available in the market. The backbone of the infrastructure is designed by keeping physics in mind, Says Elon Musk.

Everything in the factory from production to final output will be handled by autonomous robots. You can think of big machine operating on the 100% renewable solar energy.

However, the production will take some time to start. Tesla planned to make the factory fully function till end of the 2020.

To make the car available for the general people, the cars have to be cheaper in the price. Without reducing the price of the manufacturing cost, it is not possible for tesla to sell the car at an affordable price. To overcome this problem they have decided to build all the component in their own production house.

Where other companies purchasing the parts of the car from the manufacturer, Tesla decided to make the parts in their own factory. This is helping them to reduce the overall price of the car.

The mass production of batteries in the Gigafactory will accelerate their production and help them to reduce the car price in the long run.

Mind blowing facts about Tesla’s Gigafactory.


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