Entertaining your audience is the key to Successful Marketing

From few weeks I was doing research on marketing to learn the basic fundamentals of marketing. In the research I was surprised when things started coming forward. I have noticed some big brands were pouring thousands of dollars on online marketing and on the other hand small businesses are generating good revenue by just sharing 1000 – 2000 words of content every week on the blog.

Not only that, these web based small companies are reaching millions of customers through web marketing. When I calculated the approx budget of these companies in online marketing, it was very low, then the amount big enterprises are spending on their advertising campaign.

The things that are working for small businesses are:

– They are not trying to reach the customers, instead of that they are sharing knowledge to educate the people. That’s how customers are getting more interested in their product.

– Mouth publicity is the key to their success.

– Small business are investing their time and money on making the product better, so the product can solve their day to day life problem. This is the only focus for them.

– Their marketing strategy is completely different from others. Small businesses are more content centric. They focus on entertaining users by sharing information and interesting content  so people can share it on their own blog and social platforms.

The completely different approach is helping them to reach online users easily.

Entertaining people is the only way you can connect them to your Brand

I learned, entertaining people through your content is the only way you get attention to your business. If you see the tv advertisement, they always try to entertain you by showing funny ads, interesting ads, emotional ads and ads around trending topics. Whatever business you are in, as an entrepreneur, you have to find the way to entertain people.

If you are into online business, then using social platforms to entertain people will work best for you. Writing content that attracts more readers will be another way of engaging your audience.

Things that you need to work on:

1] Niche Content Writer : Get writers who understand your business very well or trained them. You have to share only research work on the blog. Tell people how your team is making the product better, share some facts and figures, what problems you are facing in the manufacturing process. If you stuck somewhere share that also.

Take the example of SpaceX. The owner of the company Elon Musk started this company without having knowledge on how the space rocket works. He was having passion about space exploration, so he started getting knowledge about it. The best thing he does is, he always shares the information about his work process online. Even he shared his thought on failure when he’s one of the rocket blast after few second of the launch. Follow the story telling path to connect the people.

2] Visual Images: Use good custom designed images, pictures of your work place. Let your customer feel connected to your brand. Human face on the website helps in connecting users to your brand.

Writing a content copy for marketing is like writing a script for the movie.

Content writers must be trained enough who understand the story telling concept. Content writing is not about what you are trying to say, it’s about what people want to read. Writing a lengthy content is not going to work unless you have put your key component that will entertain your readers. People remember the content only because of the story you created in the background that engaged them. While writing the content your job is to create an imaginary world around the reader, so he can put himself in your place and see the world the way you see. This is what exactly the movie script writer does.

Conclusion: Marketing is all about the people. How you entertain them is most important part of the marketing strategy. If you are still using classic methods like putting banners all over the place then this is not going to work in todays digital age. You have to work very smart to get the attention of your customers.

Let me know if you had any similar experience while marketing your product in the below comment box.


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