Experience of Microsoft Edge the Upgraded Version of Internet Explorer

I never thought that one day I will be writing review about the internet explorer. Yes, that same internet browser you see on your windows desktop computer, but you never bother to use it. I know you are also a fan of Google Chrome, Firefox and safari borrower like I do.

But this time I have to admit that Microsoft did an excellent job of upgrading the internet browser. That Blue irritating “e” is now adding some value to my computer. Microsoft named it “Microsoft Edge Browser”.


I am using it from last one month now and had a brilliant experience with it.

It is fast, smooth and elegant. That’s what I like in any product.

The amazing thing I notice is I shifted my website browsing habits from Firefox to Microsoft Edge.

“You know that multitasking thing, you need two browser side by side. “

Somehow Firefox is not working the way I wanted it to work. Lots of plugins, automate Trojan injects in the browser was pissing me off.

Now I am using Google Chrome and Microsoft edge in windows 10 PC. It is a big shift for me. Never thought about this.

I would say, Microsoft is doing great in the leadership of Satya Nadella the current CEO of the company. They are doing an awesome job by making all the product work for what they are designed for.

If they keep doing good work, I feel they will soon become the market leader in the PC and Mobile Business.

I am having a great time with Microsoft edge. Share your thought if you have any.


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