How to get top ten Google position for my keywords?

I started my business few months back and now working on it to get search engine ranking. I don’t know how to tackle with the search engine algorithm. I need your help to understand it and how I can rank my keywords in top ten google search?

Ask by Adrian


Hey Adrian,

Great to see you on my blog. The answers to your question is too broad so I will try to answer it in a step by procedure.

To whom who doesn’t have the patience to wait, to them the simple answer is start on page optimization, write engaging content, implement it on your website by adding an h1 tag and other basic element of onpage and then check the webmaster tool for any google suggestion. Do not forget to check your website speed. It is very critical in search engine ranking. After confirming the webmaster tool, it is the time to start link building, social promotion and implementing other marketing strategies for driving visitors. Websites rank high only because of the visitor engagement. If people are not interested surfing your website then forgot ranking it in top position. If any how you reach the top position you will not sustain the ranking for a longer period. Focus on great quality and long term sustainability.

Ok, the below content is for serious business owners who has a long vision about their business.

First, we need to understand the Google algorithm before we move ahead to discuss about ranking. Give me some time to complete this content. I’ll get back to you soon. Meanwhile, you can share your thought in the comment box.


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