Google In page analytics error Solved

Today I have learned about the Google analytical tool for optimizing my blog. I thought it would help me to track the user flow, so I can change my website design according to the user behavior. I am looking forward to making my website completely user friendly so that people feel comfortable while spending time on my blog.

In Google analytics tool, some of the features are already tried by me, so I start learning the new page analytics feature available in Google’s analysis tool, which is still unknown to me. When I click on the tab I land on the error called “Google cannot recognize the analytical code on the website or ga.js is not supported” but I notice all other functions are working fine for me.

Google’s error message:

Your site doesn’t load ga.js from Google. If you host the Google tracking code on your own servers, it isn’t updated automatically and can miss important changes.

We didn’t find a tracking snippet on your site. In-Page Analytics cannot load. Please make sure you have been tracking installed properly. If your snippet is included in a separate JavaScript file, you’ll have to manually check it is being loaded accurately.

The above google message popup every time when I click on the tab, so I decided to find the solution because this feature is going to help me to optimize my website for better usability. First, I went to the google and search for the solution, but most of the search results are related to the WordPress and the Drupal website script which is not helpful for me. While searching on the web, I found one post where people shared some analytical issue with the community members. In that post, one guy replies to the question that he resolved this problem easily. The solution is for the WordPress script but the solution work for all the websites, so I note down that point and start doing as he said. Follow below procedure for resolving the Google in-page analytical error problem.

Google In page analytics Procedure:

This problem will occur by various reasons. I have noticed my website having the problem because I have changed my website url to and the url which is activated in the analytical tool was the older one. That’s creating the issue with the in-page analytical tools. So below step will guide you to make the required changes in an analytical tool for resolving this issue.

1] Go to your Google analytical account.

2] Click on the “Admin” button available on the right side of the top navigation bar.

3] On Admin page you can see the “Profile Settings” tab. Click on that.

4] On the Profile setting page you have to add your website url correctly. You can see your default url already available in the website field. In that field, you have to mention exact browsing url as it is. E.g. If your website opens with the so you need to add “www” in the field of the website url or vice versa. You have to make sure url of the website is the same as your website open in a browser tab.

5] After adding proper website url you have to save the setting so it will update in the google analytical system.

6] Now the final step. On the top of the same page or “Admin” page, you can see the tracking code tab go to the tracking code tab and copy and paste that code again in your website html page. You have to remove old one and needs to add updated code in your website html file.

7] Now you have done. Go to the Content > In-page analytics and see your website is functional at the moment for getting your users’ data.

Use google analytic tool for making your website search engine friendly. The advance features of analytic will help you to convert your users into buyers.

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