Innovation that can solve India’s energy problem

India rank at the fourth position in the electricity producing countries in the world. The demand for the energy has been growing continuously as the population of the country is growing. Depending on the non-renewable fossil fuel alone to fulfil the energy demand of the country is impossible.

India has to look for the renewable resources that are sustainable and which will help the economy to grow.

Here are some the innovation that can change the geography of the India.

Solar Roadways: Solar Roadways is a company based in Sandpoint, Idaho that is developing technology that can solve the energy problem at large scale. They are working on the solar panel that can be covered in the commercial roads to generate the solar energy. The surface of this panel is designed to take the load of busy highways and heavy vehicles. The solar cells are smartly programmed with sensors. This sensor will allow the operator to monitor the roads for different purposes. The hexagon pattern of this solar panel is built with high quality LED lights which can be used to light the roads in the dark areas of the city. It is made from 100% recycled materials.

India is dealing with high volume, power consumption problem. This technology can solve the energy problem of India in larger scale. These kind of solar project can pay for themselves and reduce the amount of work and money that we normally spend on other energy generated projects.

Watch below video to understand how it can benefit India.

Electric Cars from Tesla motor : The electric cars where the biggest failure in the 90’s, but now everything is about to change. The Tesla motor, the car company based in the USA co-founded by  passionate businessman Elon Musk. He has renewed the car industry with his powerful vision.

The Indian car market is growing rapidly as well as the consumption of the non-renewable fuel and gas. As per the statistic of the 2013 of the Indian government, there are total 24.9 million cars on the Indian roads. Imagine converting all of them in renewable energy operated vehicle can solve the biggest problem of fuel that we import from other countries.

Tesla Motor is soon going to launch their production house in the India. To feel that mesmerizing experience you need to wait for a while.

Solar Power Projects : India has shown to the world that it is moving towards the renewable energy sources. As per statistic, we were generating 3,743.97 MW power in 2015 from the solar panel energy which is now reached to 6,762.853 MW in just one year. This shows we have double the energy generation in just one year time. We are consistently covering our land with the more solar panel. In the coming year, hope we will see major cuts in the prices of our electricity bills.

Thorium-based nuclear power: Indian is one of the country who has largest shares of global thorium reserves at about 25% of the world’s reserves. The amount of thorium available in the India can produce 500 GWe for more than 400 years with just the economically extractable reserves of thorium. Indian scientist are working on the nuclear power plant that will generate thorium based electricity to light the country. Once the plant is fully functional, it will serve the largest population of the India.


The right decision can make the big difference. India’s GDB  is growing at the rate of 7% and our government is planning to take it to the 8%. It is time to take the initiative and make the big changes in how we look at our motherland India.


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