Make WordPress SEO friendly

The reason why we choose WordPress for optimization is, because the WordPress script is open source cms system which widely used by online people for creating their website. You can customize WordPress as per your requirement easily. Many free plugin’s are available online for making your user interface most convenient for operation. So it is a basic need for you to concentrate on making your website Search engine friendly. Here we are going to share some of the important tips which will help you to make your WordPress website SEO Friendly.

1] SEO Friendly URL:-

After successfully installing your WordPress script you should first move to your general setting page where you can find edit option for your permalink setting. The permalink is also called as url re-writing features.  There you can find three options for your url writing.

How to find this.-

Go to Setting > Permalink

On this page you can find 5 options for selection. All 5 of them perform different way while generating your landing page url link. We recommend you to choose ‘Day and name” or “Month and name” option, because both of them use your title for creating your url. Search engine crawler reads text in the url for indexing by search engine. Other formats are also readable by crawler buy it is helping you to more when you keep your url search engine friendly.

2] Use nofollow plugin for Tag and other url.
Try to make other links which pointed to your inner pages nofollow. The following link share your home page link juice to inner pages and it will not going to help in increasing your page rank. So better is deal smartly and make all external link nofollow. You can find the plugin on a WordPress plugin page or just google it.

3] Do not use the tag cloud:-

You can avoid using tags for your WordPress website. Many expert claims that tag is important for increasing website, but after researching on tag section available on the WordPress script we find that tag is creating duplicate pages for search engine. If your website has duplicate pages then google will not de-index your page or it will never come on top position. So if possible try to avoid using tags.

4] Meta Title and Description:

Meta title and description of your website is the identity of your website. You need to choose this by doing some research on your targeted visitors. The Meta title and description will decide on what way your website going to move. So make sure you have added best suitable titles for your website.

How to add Meta title and description:-

Go to Setting > General.

Edit Site Title [Meta title]

Tagline [Description]

5] Google webmaster and Analytical tools:-

Put google webmaster and analytical tools on your website. We did lots of research on finding how to optimize website for getting higher return from Google Search engine. In our research we found after installing webmaster and analytics on WordPress website the site gets indexed instantly. The inner pages also get good exposure online. Add them on your website and start boosting your ranking.

6] Website speed

Make sure your website doesn’t have lots of images or additional javascript on the page, because images and javascript makes website slow while loading. The site should be instant browsing for all types of network speed. If your site takes too much of time to load then your visitor will bounce to another website.

7] Unique Content:-

The content of the website plays big for getting your website on the top of the search. Publish unique content related to your website topic as many you can. Google love content based websites. The user friendly content is the key to success in the online market.

We will keep updating you by adding new point if we find more for making WordPress script SEO Friendly. You also can help online users by sharing your knowledge below.


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