Onpage Optimization Guide for Search Engine Ranking

The SEO Strategy and link building services are moving around the online search engines. All the search engine has their own algorithm for ranking website. If you are following the search engine optimization strategy then the onpage is the most important part which you never want to ignore. It will work the heart of your website.  Onpage optimization is the process which makes sure your website is comply with the search engine guideline. When the expert doing onpage optimization, he actually treats your website as a patient and the expert playing the role of doctor. For long life your website must operate with experience doctor otherwise it will die in a few years with the sort of search engine disease.

Onpage optimization needs to do carefully by experience person, because this is going to be helping you to rank online. Research shows many websites got dropped in certain period, because of their poor onpage optimization strategy. Search engine penalizes such website and remove them from search result.  There are sets of on page optimization process available in the market. You can choose the best of them and optimize your meta data for making your website search engine friendly. The best practices can help you to make your website search engine friendly. Here I am going to share my experience with you. I have tested this process on different website and found that the strategy works with all types of website. Little bit of work will boost your ranking easily. No need of deep knowledge. Just do some changes and your website is ready to push back your competitors.

Note: – Before making any changes please take a backup of your website. If anything went wrong while making changes then you can revert all the previous data again.


Meta Title Changes: – Meta title is the identity of your website for search engine crawler. When a search engine crawler visited your web site they first check your meta title and by using that they index your website in a relevant search category. It is very important that your meta title describe everything about your website. The proper optimize meta title will help you to rank your website in targeted search result.

Meta Description: -In meta description you have to add the short information about your website which describe the whole website. Crawler uses description for knowing the complete website or product available on the site. Google, Yahoo and bing those are the top search engine which uses metadata for ranking your website. Keep your meta description short and simple so search engines will use them for indexing your website.

Meta Keywords: – Meta keyword is the place where you can add various targeted keywords. Add 2-6 keywords, do not try to make your keyword data big, because if you try to fool the search engine by adding the extra keywords which are not related to your business website then it will harm your search engine ranking. Do not use more than 7-10 keywords in meta keyword tag.

Robots.txt :– It is a txt file in which you can add non-crawlable url for search engine. For e.g. you have a website built in WordPress and the admin page url {wp-admin] is indexed in search engine, but you don’t want to keep this page public then you can add them into robots.txt file as disallow page. The search engine  never crawls this page in future. It is important that you should add such inner pages which is coming under high security for avoiding hacking. Search engine crawler automatically crawls your complete website without your notice so make sure your unwanted pages are properly marked disallow in the rebots.txt.

Recently the common problem I have noticed that many people are writing on the forums that their ranking was dropped suddenly without any update from google webmaster. The reason why they drop their ranking is google now increases the website crawling speed and your website pages are now crawled by search engine instantly. So if your inner pages have duplicate content then they will automatically get penalized for duplicate content policy. Search engine  removes  duplicate content  from search result instantly. You need to be careful with such algorithm changes.

Content optimization: – Website content optimization is also a part of onpage optimization. The content which places on the website must be written properly by using your targeted keywords. Don’t try to over optimize by repeating the keywords again and again. Keep it in average number so search result will look genuine. Make your keyword bold, link inner page with the keyword. Try to create informative content for the web. You need to deal very smartly with the content page. The H1 tag, h2 tag, the headline will help you rank well in search engine.

SEO Friendly Website URL : – The url of your inner pages must be created with SEO friendly format. E.g. Instant by using “www.text.com/?9797-jsab.php” the link must have your keyword in the url e.g. “www.text.com/shopping.php “ . The search engine crawler gets easy to find your website with the url.

These are the few important aspect which you can use for optimizing your website. Remember your competitors are always active and they are leading on the web by using these techniques so why don’t you.


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