Remove indexed pages from Google

Error or Duplicate Indexed pages on google will be impacted negatively on your website. You need to track all of them closely. When web designers create your website they forget to keep your coding or on page data search engine friendly. If your website html having lots of outbound link or link which is required for your website, but on that page nothing is accessible then this page should remove from search engine.

In recent google panda and penguin update we have noticed many websites having the same problem with the their search engine indexing. When you search your website indexing by using the You can recognize that the google having many indexed pages but your website contains only few important pages. These error pages will create trouble for your ranking. Remove all of them instantly from search engines. Otherwise it will crawl by search engine crawler as duplicate pages and the search engine ranking will get dropped.

For removing indexed pages from search engine completely. You need to follow below process.

Google indexed page removal process:

1] First you need to implement webmaster tool on your website. For doing that visit Google webmaster tool authorize website.  Visit Here

2] You can login in webmaster by using your gmail account or register new id if you don’t have a gmail account.

3] After login, you need to activate your webmaster tool by adding the file provided by the webmaster. Add that html file to your website FTP root folder.

4] After successful activation go to the dashboard.

5] On the left side of navigation page, you will find“Optimization” tab. Click on the tab.

6] The optimization tab will open drop down menu. Check the second feature “Remove URLs” . Click on the Remove urls tab.

7] Now you will redirected to the Website url removal page.

8] Now you can see the “create a new

removalrequest” tab. Click on that.

9] By clicking on the tab, it will open the blank box. In this box you have to add the exact inner page url to remove. Please note: Do not add homepage url or complete webpage url e.g.

Adding below url is wrong format.

You need to add only inner pages after “ / “.


The second e.g. Is the correct format. So when you are removing the page from a google search. First cut the url properly and add them without having any space before or after the link.

Now you know the process of Indexed page removal from Google Search. You must check your website indexing everyday at once a day. A Google crawler is crawling your website every day. Keep doing good work and share your experience with us.