Revolutionary Tesla Model 3 Car Is Ready To Amaze You

I am always fascinated about the next generation car. Yesterday, Tesla announced their low budget consumer car which they are producing to serve larger audience.  The event was great. People are excited to drive their first Tesla car. As reservation for car opened, Tesla received 1, 15,000 registrations in just 4 hours. You can feel the eagerness people have about this car by looking at the figures.

Let’s look at some aspect of the car.

If we talk about the design, they did great job to make the car look beautiful. It is incredibly safe car in the world. Compared to other fuel operated car, if the accident occurs, person who is sitting in the car has to take the load of the front engine on his own body. In the case of Tesla car, there is no engine in the front. All the energy will be compressed in the front aluminium body. People sitting in the car are totally safe. Tesla model 3 has received 5 out of 5 star rating from various safety monitoring organizations.

Electric cars are known for slow in performance, but Tesla is going to revolutionize the car market by launching its tesla model 3 in the next year 2017.

Tesla Model 3

Tesla is going to double its super charger in one year. You can charge your car anywhere for free and for lifetime by using this super chargers.

Other than that, Tesla is building multibillion dollar Giga-factory to mass produce batteries at cheaper cost. This will lower the price of the consumer cars in coming years.

The price of the Tesla Model 3 is $35,000. The registration of the car starts from $1000.

As we can see electric cars are now taking shape in the car market. People are more concern about the global warming. The successful launch of tesla model 3 shows that people really want to take some action to reduce the consumption of the natural fuel.

I will leave you with the amazing video created by Coldfusion on tesla model 3 launch. Let me know your comment in the comment box.


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