SEO 1.0

Selection of the domain name or website name is the first step of your SEO journey. The best practice is having easy to remember domain so that recalling the name becomes easy.

You might have content thought for your website. Your website may sell a product online, provide services to the customers or you have an idea to build your own information sharing blog. Whatever the type you choose, you have to keep the name of your website related to the theme. The easy to remember name receives more attention which will help you to drive direct traffic. Google track this visitor data and gives you the quality rating. The direct traffic increases the chances of higher organic ranking.

I prefer registering a domain name from and You can choose other domain provider as per your convenient. Just keep in the mind, your registered domain should be with the secure service provider.

Once the domain registration is done, the next step is hosting it on the server. There are several hosting providers are in the market. Choose the hosting provider who provides following features.

Hosting Requirement:

– 5 – 10 GB of minimum storage space
– High bandwidth
– Webmail email service
– cPanel Control Panel
– MySQL Databases with phpMyAdmin Access
– 99% Server Uptime

All my websites are hosted on Hostgator server. They are the pioneer in the hosting business.

Research shows that Google monitors your website downtime. If the site frequently goes down for any reason then that will impact your overall website quality. Google have more than 200 quality parameters to determine the website quality. Server downtime is one of the quality indicators Google check before considering the site for ranking.

Choose the server company precisely and host your domain. After that, it is time to upload website design.

You can hire a web designer to create your custom design as per your need. Design plays very critical role in user engagement. If you are pouring money in the custom design then hire a good designer who understands the UI & UX of the website.

The design company should comprehend your business need before designing the site. Google tracks user behavior through webmaster and analytic tool. The high bounce rate websites are taken down immediately. Google is very strict about the user experience so while making the website do not clutter the element above the fold section.

Generally, a user takes the decision in first 3-4 seconds whether they will stay and surf the other pages of your site or they should leave. so imagine you have 3-4 second to grab the attention of the users. Your website design and the content placement will decide the overall engagement. Let your designer know about this and ask them to make the elegant website with minimal content.

On other hand, bloggers have many options to choose from. You can find various WordPress blog themes online. Choose one of the themes and make your blog live in no time.

Conclusion: In this lesson, we have discussed the domain registration, selection of the name for the website, hosting requirement and website design. These are the fundamental element of your website.

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