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Hope you are ready with your clean and beautiful website design. Now we will look at the coding part of the website design. Some people might argue why we need to talk about the coding of the website. It can be managed by the developer itself.

The simple answer to this question is, your developer don’t understand the dynamic of SEO.

“40% of time developer makes silly mistakes while coding”

Google crawler reads your HTML and CSS tags and determines the content of your website. The crawler can’t comprehend the page content like a human. It only recognizes the HTML tag that you have used on the page.

For Google crawler <H1> and <p> tags are two different value proposition. Both the tags perform differently in the search engine ranking. Similarly, result for the <p> tag and <span> tag will generate completely different result. Your website design must be integrated with the proper HTML syntax.

Important HTML Syntax with their value:

1) <title>Your site name</title> = Search engine uses this information to define your website category and document it in the relevant folder. You should have your main keyword in the title tag.

2) <meta name=”description” content=”about the page “> = Mention the information about the page in 160 characters. The crawler uses this information to get brief idea about the page content.

3) <meta name=”keywords” content=”keyword1, keyword2″> = Your targeted keywords will go here. Add relevant keywords in the meta keyword tags.

4) <h1>Main heading</h1> = This is your headline. Your important content should be mention in this tag. After, meta title search engine relies on the H1 tag to confirm the page content.

5) <p>Your page content</p> = All your page content should be aligned in the P tag or else search engine will find difficult to crawl your page content.

6) <meta name=”robots” content=”index, follow”> = It tells search engine wheather they should index the page or not.

These are the important HTML tags where most of the SEO happens. We will see the complete list of the HTML tags in the Onpage optimization guide.


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