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So you might have experience of using SEO Tools before. There are several SEO tools available in the market. Each of them has their own unique features. In your SEO journey, you will be using various kind of tools to optimize the website.

Let’s look at the top SEO tools and its features.

1) Google Webmaster: Crawling billions of pages from millions of websites require some help. Google webmaster is the website monitoring tool specially design for webmasters. The tool provides all the information of your website to Google. It makes crawling of the website easy. Google uses this tool to collect your website data, error pages, understanding the overall site health and check for spam.

Google webmaster tool will be the first SEO tool that you configure on your website.

These are some of the important features of the Google webmaster tool.

Html improvement – Google will show duplicate meta title, description, missing title tag etc, in this section.

Accelerated Mobile Pages – The pages which are not compatible with the mobile screen will be shown here. You have to fix these errors to make your website mobile friendly.

Search Analytics – This page tells you about the organic search queries. You can check the ranking of the keywords, the number of clicks they are getting from the organic search and the position of the keyword in Google.

Links to Your Site – All the links or backlinks pointing to your website are recorded in this block. You can check the total number of links and the domain that are giving the link back to your website.

Internal Links – All your internal links are shown here. The internal linking structure will give you an idea, how your website is internally linked.

Manual Actions – If your website is penalized for spam activity then Google webmaster sends the message to the users in manual action tab. This is the window where you can connect with the Google team. The default text on the page will look like this.

“No manual webspam actions found.”

International Targeting – You can set the preferable location by selecting the country from the dropdown. Google obey your instruction to rank your website in the selected location.

Index Status – The number of pages those are indexed on Google are shown in this section.

Remove URLs – If you are wondering how to remove any particular page of your website from Google search then this tool will help you to do that. Just submit the page URL for removing from search and Google will deindex the page from the system. You are allowed to remove your website URL only, not the pages of third party websites.

Crawler Errors – If Google detects any error on your website then that will be added in the crawler errors. Server errors, soft errors and not found errors are the three segments where all the errors are distributed.

Fetch as Google – This feature is specially designed for indexing your website pages. Non-index pages can be submitted in this tool to get indexed on Google.

Robots.txt Tester – The tool allows you to verify your robots.txt file. Google bot crawls the robots file every time it visits your website. Any special instruction like Disallow tag will be taken care while crawling. Check the file frequently to avoid any indexing issue.

Sitemaps – You have to submit the XML sitemap for indexing. Google read this sitemap to understand the website structure.

Google webmaster is very useful tool for SEO expert. You can tell Google about your site structure and see how crawlers are crawling your website. Other than that it also checks your website health.

Visit Google webmaster page and configure it on your website by verifying the ownership.

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