SEO 2.2 : Important SEO Tools – Google Adword Keyword Planner

In SEO Keyword research is an essential process to understand the market depth. This is the first step that you take to see an opportunity that lies in your business. It shows whether you have demand for your product in the targeted market. Entering into business without data analysis might cause a big loss in the business. so you should have the practice to do the keyword research online to understand the users.

Google has advanced keyword research tool called “Keyword Planner”. The tool is built for providing the research data of google search to the Adwords users. The Adwords user employs information to decide the final keywords. The keyword planner data is segmented in the four simple features i.e. search term, average monthly searches, competition for the keyword and suggested bid for the AdWord users.

However, you will be requiring only data of search term, average monthly searches and competition type. This information explains the keywords that you should be targeting in SEO. The keywords with high number monthly searches are the one you should be selecting for primary keywords. These keywords will generate major traffic to your site. The medium and low searches keywords are the opportunities for the instant ranking. In SEO the low competition means you can rank for this keyword with minimum efforts.

Some may argue, why we should pour our resources in ranking low search keywords?

The question is justifiable.

It may not generate a high number of visitors in short period of time, but the study has shown the low search keywords gets indexed for many other variations of that keywords.

To understand this concept let take one example, you are targeting the keyword “Buy Blue and Gray Shirt Online”. The keyword might not have high search traffic, but when you target the keyword on your website with the relevant content. You will see the page is ranking high in the organic searches for many other variations e.g.

Buy Blue Shirt
Buy Blue Shirt Online
Blue Shirt Online
Blue Shirt
Shirt Online
Gray Shirt
Gray Shirt Online
Buy Gray Shirt Online
Buy Gray Shirt


Why does this happen?

The Google algorithm reads the keywords in different ways than human. Instead of indexing the phrase, the algorithm breaks the keywords in single words. These words perform individually when someone searches online for a related product. Google determines the actual search and shows your page if the particular search keyword is on your website.

In addition, the content of the page must have the related words, synonyms, and images to describe the product.

Google crawlers collect this information and list the web page in their database (Library). The database is crawled when someone searches for the keyword “Blue Shirt” on a Search engine and your web page is displayed in the top position to the user.

Keyword research is very important for growing faster in your industry. The right amount of data can speed up your online business. It helps you to move your efforts in the right direction.

Use Google Adwords keyword planner tool for keyword research.


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