SEO 2.3 : Free SEO Tools

Today we will be discussing the different SEO Tools available in the market. Each of them consists of unique features. SEO Tools reduces the optimization time. You could make the optimization process faster by using these easy to handle online tools.

Moz Open Site Explorer: Moz is one of the reputed websites in the SEO industry. They have built advanced website auditing tool for the webmasters. The open site explorer is website analysis tool that generates the website audit report with the backlink count. The tool provides the detailed backlink report. You can use the tool to spy on the competitor’s backlinks. Additionally, it offers features like domain authority and page authority checker tools. These are some of the key factors that will help you to grow your organic ranking.

Key Features:
– Check Domain Authority
– Check Page Authority
– Backlink checker
– Competitor analysis

Smallseotools: The website filled with the several unique search engine optimization tools. They have built more than 50 SEO tools of different features. You may save your time by using these tools in your optimization process.

In addition, the tools are available for free to use. It allows you to run unlimited queries. You can able to perform complete on-page activities on this website.

Key Features:
– Plagiarism Checker
– Keyword Rank Checker
– Grammar Checker
– Backlink Checker
– Website SEO Score Checker
– Google PageRank Checker
– Link Tracker
– Image Compression
– Domain Age Checker
– Page Speed Test
– Websites Broken Link Checker

Gtmetrix: The tool is beneficial to optimize the page speed/browsing speed of your website. When the website is submitted in the tool for audit, it generates a detailed report of the website. The report will tell you the high bandwidth files, the images that you need to compress, the server side scripting errors and many other suggestions that will improve your page speed.

Implement the given suggestion to your website and see the progress in the page speed. Google has recommended to the users that they must optimize the website for fastest browsing time. It increases the engagement and provides a good experience to the users.

Seositecheckup: The SEO site checkup tool is the quick way to analyze your website for page errors. The tool scans your website immediately and generates a detailed report. It shows you the tags that are not properly implemented on the website. The tool compares your website data to the webmaster guidelines to detect the possible errors.

You can fix the shown errors and increase the overall quality of the website. You will observe improvement in the organic ranking after making these changes.

Broken link check: The broken link can be found by using this SEO tool. The tool crawls the website for broken links. Once the scan is done you will get the link report. Fix the mentioned errors and make the website error free. The website with a high number of error links results in negative rating from Google.

The error link problem reduces your organic ranking. Detecting errors manually will not be physible for large websites, so use the tool to automate the process. You should scan your website in every 15 days to assure there are no errors on your website.

Microdatagenerator – The google uses schema markup code to understand content/product of your website. By using the microdata you can provide more information about your website to the search engine crawler. The tool gives you easy to use functionality that generates the final schema markup code in microdata format.

You no need to have coding knowledge to generate the code. Fill the given form with the require information and get the final code. After the code is generated implement it in the HTML file.

Archive: Your website is the platform that represents your business to the search engine. Selection of the domain name is very crucial in the SEO. When you are beginning search engine optimization process, the first thing that you need to do is checking the past of the website. The archive tool does the job very well.

It gives you information about the history of the website. The tool shows how the website was looking in earlier days. It gives you the impression of the site identity in the past. You can use this data to decide the future SEO strategies. If the website had the bad content or it was involved in the illegal activities than you can advise the website owner to drop this domain and start fresh with the new domain.

Search engines like Google never give importance to the website which had the bad influence in the past. However, if you decide to continue with the current domain even you know that it was having negative influence then cleaning up the old mess will be additional work for you. You will have to spend extra time to cleaning up these backlinks, content, reviews etc. So the better option is registering the new website and promote it with the natural SEO strategy.

XML-sitemaps: Use the XML sitemap tool to create XML file from your website. Fill the given form, select the URL priority and the tool will do rest of the job. You will get the final XML file in few seconds of crawling.

Upload the created file on the website and don’t forget to submit it to Google webmaster and bing webmaster tool. The webmaster tools use the XML file to understand the overall structure of the site. It makes website crawling easy.

In essence, the online SEO tools are built to save your time. Use them at an optimum level for faster progress in the SEO. It reduces the pain of doing manual work.

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