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Dmoz Listing

About Dmoz Directory – ODP – Open Directory Project

Dmoz is most comprehensive human edited online directory on the web. The project runs under authority. The inclusion of the website is available for general public. Anyone can submit their website for review. Your submitted site first get reviewed by dmoz editors, if the website manage to fulfill the requirement then the site will added in Dmoz listing. Because of their strict approval policies they have their good online reputation. The online search engines like Google, Yahoo and bing gives high priority to those website which are listed in That’s the reason why the Search engine optimization companies are taking charge for getting index their customer’s website on Dmoz directory. Now it is also become part of SEO.

Submit Site on Dmoz :- Dmoz

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Dmoz Submission Guideline | Basic tips for Dmoz Listing

1] Do not submit sites containing affiliate links and promotional links.

2] If you are submitting non-English sites then please submit in proper regional category.

3] Do not submit site which is under construction or error pages. Dmoz editors are not going to review your site, if it has an error pages. For dmoz listing you must clear all the issue from your website.

4] The adult site must be submitted in Adult categories otherwise the site will reject by ODP editors.

5] The website with illegal content or copied content is against Open directory policy. Your website must have unique and copyscape pass content. Examples of illegal materials are: child pornography, content that infringes of any property right; solicits or abets illegal activity.

6] You have to make sure your website is design properly with validation of w3c and must added quality content on every page. Dmoz directory editor will review your website by visiting some of the pages; if they find any design error or grammatical mistake then it will get rejected by them. As they are also human most of the error gets neglected, but you have to prepare in advance before submitting for dmoz listing.

7] Do not try to submit your website again and again. Dmoz directory has own submission guideline. There must be 6 month of interval between second submissions of the same url.

8] Do not submit mirror website or the site containing same look and features on the front page. It’s against ODP guideline.

9] Do not submit inner pages. Instant of that you can submit home page in proper category. If your site accepted by Dmoz then it will automatically generate value to your inner pages also.

10] For submission process please write Unique Title and Description. Most of the webmaster submits same Meta title and description on dmoz and the biggest mistake they do while submitting. The duplicate content is not accepted in Dmoz Listing.

11] Category is most important aspect in the submission process. Choose proper category while submitting website. The selected category must be listing in your Meta Title.

12] Add complete company data on your website. Your site must look genuine for the users. You can add your phone number, address, company name and any other credential which shows your brand loyalty.


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Dmoz Listing Service

Dmoz listing increases your visibility on internet, because of their strict approval process only some of the site gets opportunity to index on dmoz. The editors of directory review all the prospects which must have in top brand website.

SEO Companies are taking the benefit of those features and try to provide best services to their customers. Dmoz listing needs more research and expertise before submitting any website. You can’t submit your website again and again. ODP has guideline for inclusion of any site. Dmoz listing generates higher return for online business. People start trusting that website because of the dmoz listing. This listing helps online business to show people that they are legit company in their core market.

Everyday thousands of site gets submitted on Dmoz Directory but only few get listed on it. You need to follow their guideline before submission. SEO Expert team will do this job very well while submitting. They first review your website and then go for the submission process after the changes done on your website. It is important that your website must suite dmoz guideline. If you are following Dmoz listing process then it will surely get approved by dmoz editors. I wish good luck for your first submission.

If you have any other Dmoz Listing Strategy, so please suggest here. I would like to add them on our website.